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Why STS?

We are not Catholic but choose St Thomas for several reasons. The first is that my son is only 9, but has a better relationship with God than most adults do. In our home, we pray and we pray often. St Thomas School not only supports our Christian beliefs, but they teach our kids so much more. I've been to the school more times than I can count--each and every time one of the students holds the door for me and greets me with a smile. I see them do the same for each other. Those kids look out for each other and are very kind to one other. Sadly, this is something we don't see in our society much. Our teachers know all of the kids. They embrace and care for all of them- even kids not in their class. Our son gets a great education, enjoys the smaller class sizes, and has never expressed wanting to go anywhere else.

We are not Catholic, so we pay quite a bit for tuition and have had to crunch numbers, forgo some things and budget to make this happen. But when I hear Seth quote scripture and wanting to attend Mass and serve in church - that makes it all worthwhile. Those are things that are an obvious part of the nurturing environment he is learning in. It's these things that make us continue to keep coming back to St Thomas.

-Brent & Brenda Arntzen